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G-Code Camaro Nails the 1,000 HP Mark - by Steve Temple, ReinCarNation

The first-gen Camaro had a fairly modest power output, ranging from a 140 hp straight six to a 210 hp V8. Other V8s available to order ran all the way up to a 325 hp Turbo-Jet 396. Of course, the aftermarket took matters into its own hands, giving the car much more juice for both the street and strip.

Which brings us to the G-Code Camaro from the Ringbrothers, boasting a whopping 1,000 ferocious horses.  Debuting at the Royal Purple booth at the 2016 SEMA Show, the car not only produces some serious power, but also stands apart for its unique bodywork, handcrafted carbon fiber elements and an array of Ringbrothers billet products.  Keep reading here


First Drive:  1969 Chevrolet Camaro G-Code by RingBrothers - by Jonathon Klein, Automobile

The Chevrolet Camaro’s original codename — Panther — has never made more sense. Panthers strike their prey with brutal fury, ravaging their dinner’s flesh, tearing limbs, and crunching bone. That’s how my innards feel today, pulled from my body and laid bare beside me after the onslaught from Ringbrothers’ 1,000-horsepower creation, the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro G-Code.

Like other Ringbrothers builds, the Camaro G-Code started as a ratty classic—  in this case, a ’69 Camaro RS. After Jim and Mike Ring found the car, they brought it to their small shop, which doubles as collision repair business, in Spring Green, Wisconsin. There, where cows outnumber people four to one, the brothers channel their automotive OCD into kinetic works of art like G-Code.  Keep reading here