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Dirt LS 427 Race Engine

Weekend Warrior

Dirt LS 427 Race Engine

Wegner Automotive is proud to present the "Weekend Warrior" LS 427 Dirt engine! This turn key race engine developed by our experienced engineers offers a competitive edge to lead the pack and set new records. This engine comes dyno tested, fully encrypted, and sealed to prevent tampering. A hydraulic roller cam makes for a durable, low-maintenance setup.

Please review the Features and Options tab for more information. 

Have questions? Get ahold of our race experts at (920) 394-3557! 

Check out the article below by PRI to learn even more about the Weekend Warrior and what it has to offer!

750HP and 625TQ

Price: $25,500


Engine Block (encrypted)

Engine: Aftermarket Iron Block, Race Prepped

Displacement: 427 C.I.

Compression: 13:1

Bore: 4.125”

Rotating Assembly (encrypted)

Crankshaft: Forged, 4.00” Stroke

Rods: 4340 Forged

Pistons: Custom Wegner Forged with Dome

Valvetrain & Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads: W.A.R. CNC Ported LS7 Cyl Heads, Titanium Intake Valves, 8mm Stem, 2.205” / Steel Exhaust Valves, 1.615”, Dual Valve Springs w/ Titanium Retainers

Camshaft: Hydraulic Roller Cam (encrypted)

Rocker Arm: Steel with Trunnion Upgrade, 1:8 ratio (encrypted)

Lifters: Hydraulic Roller

Intake Manifold: Carbureted, Unported #25534394

Additional Engine Features

Coil Pack Ignition

Mechanical Fuel Pump

Wegner Serpentine Front Dress

Dry Sump Oiling System

Engine Weight 500 lbs.

Fully encrypted and sealed to prevent tampering

Dirt LS 427 Options

Optional – Holley 750 Carb, W.A.R. Race Spec +$1100

Ask a Question To Purchase - 920-394-3557


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Published: Dec 2, 2019