Late Model 5.3L

Asphalt Short Track

Late Model 5.3L

Engine Block (encrypted)

Engine: GM LS Wegner Race Prepped
Displacement: 327 (5.3L)
Compression: 10.8:1
Bore: 3.785”

Rotating Assembly (encrypted)

Crankshaft: GM HD, Custom
lightened and balanced by Wegner, 3.625“ stroke
Rods: 4340 Steel
Pistons: Custom Wegner Forged with Dome

Valvetrain & Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads: GM Casting
2” intake valve / 1.55” exhaust valve,
CNC ported, 64cc Chambers
Camshaft: Hydraulic Roller
Rocker Arm: GM OE Steel,
Trunnion Upgrade, 1:7ratio
Lifters: GM Hydrolic Roller
Intake Manifold: GM carbureted, Unported #88958675

Additional Engine Features

Mechanical Distributor
Mechanical Fuel Pump
Serpentine Front Dress
Wet Sump Oil Pump and Custom Pan
Available with a 2 or 4 BRL Carburetor & Schoenfeld Headers
Engine Weight 415 lbs.
Engine is fully encrypted and sealed

LS 5.3 Spec Front
LS 5.3 Spec Right
LS 5.3 Spec Left
For Purchasing: 920-394-3557