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Gen III Hemi

Gen III Hemi

Our Gen III Hemi valve covers aim to be the ultimate show piece when it comes to engine dress up. Much like our popular LS valve covers, the Gen III Hemi covers share the same CNC billet aluminum construction and 2-piece hidden coil design, so the build quality matches the looks. A Factory O-ring groove and -10 an breathers ensure that reliability and performance are not compromised in pursuit of aesthetics. Choose the optional custom engraving to set your build apart from the rest.

Starting at $2250

  • Engraving Options:
    • Wegner Flags
    • Custom Logo $100
    • Embossed Wegner Flags $250  

Parts Supplied

2x Valve Covers
2x Coil Covers
2x Block off/Oil fill plugs
2x -12/-6 AN or -12/-10 AN for PCV ports
OEM gaskets
S.S. hardware

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